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May 3, 2019

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch shares the heart of God with all believers.  God spoke to her and said that He wants us to stop acting like victims.  Pastor Barbara shares practical revelation that every believer in Christ has.  She shares from God's heart how He expects for us to be mature and use everything that that we have at our disposal in Him.  We should expect that He is going to be there for us.  We should expect that the enemy is not just going to live a hum drum existience.  He is going to fight us at every turn because he is working to stop the revival that God is bringing.  The enemy is a liar.  Even if God choses to place you in a Job experience like He did with Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch his expectation is for you not lay down and die when the enemy attacks.  This word will challenge you to grow in Christ.