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Sep 25, 2022

Prophetic word from God through Pastor Barbara on Rosh Hoshannah!

God is watching and is asking us to walk in holiness.  Some are trying to hard and are hindering the Holy Spirit.  Just relax.   Be still before and listen to My still small voice of instruction.  This is a time of great judgment all across the land.  I...

Sep 19, 2022

Listen to this Word of the Lord during an angelic visitation.

Sep 18, 2022

The body of Christ in the middle of the greatest battle that we have ever endured. We are also on the very cusp of breakthrough. Listen to God's Word of encouragement and edification.

Sep 12, 2022

In Christ, you are a new creation, and this new creation is a purely spiritual one. Come to the table and learn about your inner connection to God and His Kingdom.