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Pastor Barbara is a daughter of the Most High God. The Father has chosen her to be an Evangelist and glory carrier for Him. The Father began manifesting Himself to Pst. Barbara at a very young age. Her mother often told her, “There is just something about you that is different.” Pst. Barbara was called from the womb to do a works for the Lord in this End Time Hour. Her heart’s desire is to please her Father in Heaven.   She is committed to staying before Him and seeking His face at every moment.

Pst. Barbara walks under many anointings and has carried forth and completed many assignments for the Lord. One of her anointings is that of a “Caregiver”. The Father instructed her to never let anyone stop her from being a “Caregiver”. This has manifested itself in many ways, whether it’s supporting and encouraging her late husband, Lawrence or providing nurture and care to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A “Caregiver” she is.

No stranger to pain and suffering herself, Pst. Barbara has a heart for children and those who are down and out. She has compassion for the lost and dying of this world and she loves to minister to God’s people. The Father has been good to her and she freely shares what she has been given from the Father to others. She practices love at every level and teaches others to do the same.

The word integrity only scratches the surface when describing Pst. Barbara. Steadfastness, faithfulness, stability and obedience are character traits that the heavenly Father has deeply imparted into her life. Her relationship with her earthly father helped to mold her into the strong woman leader that she is today. He taught her very early on the value of hard work and to never wallow in self-pity. This is a skill set that every leader needs in this hour. She models these traits to all that come into her sphere of influence.

She has eaten the bread of affliction and drunk from the cup of suffering many times throughout her life and because of this the Father has placed His anointing for love deep within her bosom. This anointing from the Father has given her the ability to hear His voice with distinctness and accuracy. It is in service to God’s people; ministering, mentoring, leading and encouraging them to seek the deeper depths of the Father that she allows the Father to use her with complete abandon. Selfless, caring, willing to go to any length to reach the hearts of the Father’s people, she has laid her life down for Jesus, her true friend.

At first unaware of the depth of her calling, the Father began using Pst. Barbara in the prophetic from the very beginning of her walk with the Lord. And this brought difficulties of which few understood. Another facet of the anointing that she walks in is the “Forerunner” or “Pioneering” anointing. Under this anointing she often received instructions from the Father that at the time were out of the main stream. No one understood what was going on or why it was going on. She sought understanding and counsel from men and women of God but no one could explain to her what she had except the Father.

No one could explain the things that were going on in her life, no one could explain the powerful visitations that she was having, and no one understood how she could speak words that would go right into your soul, and speak right into you. It was the Father’s plan. It was His way of drawing her anointing out and setting her apart for His work. Because of the Father’s plan, Pst. Barbara was set on a course of wonderful experiences with the Father that would set the course and pace for her ministry. Because there was no man to teach her, she received her education from the School of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit would teach her everything that she would need to know. Coupled with her earthly father’s fortitude and good common “horse” sense she determined that she was going to follow the Father’s plans and evangelize this world for Him. The Father led Pst. Barbara to open a Church called “Haven of Rest” in her home in 1984. As the Fathers plans grew, and the Father expanded the ministry from “Haven of Rest” to the “Lighthouse Church Inc”. in 1991. Wanting to do everything decently and in order, it was time for a formal recognition from man of the anointing that God had placed upon her life.

Now Pst. Barbara has never been (nor will she ever be) credential hungry, she just loves her Father. She never has liked being titled or labeled, in fact God told her to not title herself. For legal reasons it was expedient that a formal ordination be established. Arrangements were made for Pst. Barbara to be ordained by Rev. Ray Chamberlain of Salisbury, Maryland. Because Pst. Barbara had no formal theological training, they accepted her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and the word of her congregation as evidence that this was of the Father and the ordination ceremony was scheduled. Little did she know that this was a divine appointment from her Father?

On the night of her ordination a certain hesitancy aroused within Rev. Chamberlain, a hesitancy that Pst. Barbara felt from her Father in her spirit. As the coldness towards her continued throughout the night, Pst. Barbara questioned her Father as to whether or not this was to be… but the Father had a special plan for His daughter. He made this man who was hesitant to ordain His daughter stop the entire service, draw all attention to the truth that she was of God, by God and for God. And then in the spirit, this man said, “This ordination is not coming from me, but this ordination is coming from God the Father Himself.” The Father made this man and all who were there know that He had truly placed His seal of approval upon Barbara Lynch as His daughter and He himself was setting her apart for His ministry.

In this the Father receives all the glory. Pst. Barbara went forth from that night knowing that she knows that no man could ever stop her because her Father was with her. She placed her hands on the plow and has never looked back. She has been instrumental in fulfilling the call to equip the Saints of God to do the work of the Father. Because she allowed the Father to train her in His ways she has led many to His throne of Grace.

She is mentoring those who have a heart to be in the ministry, she is a forerunner in the Prophetic movement in Delaware, and she has set the captives free through deliverance. God gave Pst. Barbara Lynch an expansive vision as to what she is going to accomplish for Him. She has been on and off the Evangelistic field, she currently leads a small band of committed warriors who love the Lord, she has a website with an archive of the prophetic words that the Father has shared with her as far back as 2003. She is committed to teaching and training the Body of Christ to walk in the gifts of the Spirit.

The Father is nowhere near completed using Pst. Barbara Lynch. He has only just begun to work through her.

She is available for speaking engagements. For more information call (302) 697-1472 or you can visit her ministry at 6 South Railroad Avenue; Wyoming, DE 19934-1026. Check her out at