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Aug 2, 2019

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch shares a word straight from God.  Occasional unintentional acts of the flesh will not keep you from making heaven your home.  Paul talks about sin from the Greek and really expounds on those who practice sin.  When acts of the flesh are frequent, intentional and planned, Paul in the Greek considers this practicing sin.  Unclean thoughts that produce unclean acts of the flesh will keep you from making heaven your home.  All of these are a form of idolatry.   Do you routinely practice sin?  If so, you need to be genuinely concerned if you are a child of God.  It is impossible for a real believe to continue habitually in sins.  If you routinely sin as a matter of lifestyle you need to evaluate your walk with God.  You have to put aside the works of the flesh.  There are those whom God has been working with, God is able to deliver you.  You have to trust God for deliverance.  We must live to please our heavenly Father.