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Dec 10, 2018

This is a powerful message by Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Lynch.  Pastor Barbara share on her experiences in the ministry and how the enemy will always use lies against God's people.   Always remember: When you are walking close to god…the enemy will always find somebody he can use to try and dig up dirt on you…and when he can’t find any dirt…he will make up a lie. In this day and time…trouble seems to surround us on every side If it is not a failing economy…it is a failing business…a failing marriage…a failing relationship…or failing health. Yet, in the midst of seemingly overwhelming problems…god has promised to deliver us. If you want god to be god of your trouble Then you must let him be god in your heart God honors those who honor him If you are facing problems…don’t just start kicking and screaming and begging him to save you from them…honor him by going to his word and doing what he says to do.