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Sep 18, 2019

God speaks prophetically and says that He is visiting His people once again.  He is coming forth to do the mighty works that He has been speaking about.  I allowed you to go through the storms to build your character.  Turn your eyes upon Me.  Spirit is calling to Spirit.  Prophecy #2 – There ae things that I had to accomplish; this is the hour that I have chosen for each to hear My voice.  The enemy cannot destroy any longer, this is truly receiving time, I never fail My children, I so desire for you to talk to Me and for you to hear My voice and to hear My answers.  I will tell you the truth.  I am calling, I am wooing you.  Prophecy #3 I am your provider, I will not leave your or forsake you.  Whatever you have need of, I am supplying that need.  I do not want you to be beggars.  Your faith must reach a new level tonight.  Prophecy #4 – You are in a brand new time frame.  The old will not work today.  What you are used to isn’t going to work.  Trust Him.