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May 20, 2019

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch share on will you be a steward for the higher calling of God?  For every dispensation of time, the saints are called forth to the stewardship of that time, ensuring that god's will is accomplished and his intentions fulfilled.  For those chosen {by God} to be born and live in these fullness of times – in the {day of His power} – the call to ministry is the high call of stewarding and administering the life of Christ in the fullness of the power and authority intended by the Lord.  The responsibility to execute this stewardship is authorized by a walk of integrity and faithfulness to {the call,} and undergirded by a resolution of unwillingness to compromise or surrender.   To such a heart is the high call of God given.  In the fullness of time, God will have a people of superior, supernatural prowess, moving in the powers of the age to come, above the normal or average level. God is calling the saints to be bold, to come up higher into the upward and high call of God and to take our positions in the battle against evil.