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May 26, 2020

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This is a special that Pastor Barbara wanted you to see. 

This came in through Sis. Elizabeth Cassutto.

-------- Forwarded Message -------

Ok all -:this is a tool for us. Pass this on.  The adversary (speaking thru the voice on this 1 min. Clip) has unwittingly revealed his tactics on display.  We need to use this tool in prayer - unravel the lies w/ prayer.
      Remember what Jesus said 'hate the sin not the sinner' - to fight the "tactics" of the enemy. To that end -we have weapons (they showed their playbook on this short 1 min.clip). We can name it now - we come against spirit of  'smear' [b/c proverbs 22:1 states  'a good name is to be desired". WE DECREE A GOOD NAME BE RESTORED TO PRES. TRUMP.  We come against 'a false report' [Is.53:1 & "whose report will we believe; we will believe the report of the Lord".  We NEED TO DECLARE GOD'S WORD OVER ENEMIES LIES. THIS IS WHAT WILL UNRAVEL "THE DEEP STATE OF DARKNESS'. Time for the light of the kingdom of God to blaze brightly. Time to tell the enemy to get under our feet.   Selah.   Shalom. ARISE🇱🇷🦁 THE LION IF JUDAH IS ROARING.
This is Elizabeth, passing along what I rec'd today.... click the purple button below to see Speaker Pelosi in this 40 second clip reveal the tactic they've used. This can be unraveled thru vigilant prayer & declarations. Time for the turnaround. "The enemy smears; the Church Declares" - THIS IS OUR PRAYER WAR ROOM CHANT!