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May 28, 2019

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch shares on the Purpose of the Cross – Total Salvation, Total Submission.  God shares a short prophetic word asking us.  What you are doing with His Son?  Are you serving Him the way that we should with all of our heart?  God is asking why won’t you take up your cross and serve Him?  Can you imagine all the pain that Jesus went through when he was crucified and had to endure the pain for you?  Our walk is about being a vessel of honor so that we can walk people through to heaven.  You have to be willing to endure that like Jesus did for you and I.  Jesus spoke these seven words before He completed His assignment.  They words were Forgiveness, Salvation, Affection, Anguish, Suffering, Victory, & Submission.  You will have to live out these words in your walk with God.  Repeatedly.   What are you going to do with the Cross?