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Jul 25, 2022


Pastor Barbara Lynch shares what's on God's heart concerning this next dispensation... Fierce Battles, White House, and Earthquake Coming.


…And then I'm also hearing God say that in this dispensation of time, that the leaders that He's has grown up and He's going to pull forward are going to fight some of the fiercest battles that the Church has ever fought. That you're going to fight all of all the legions of Hell that, uh, are so dark, but you will fight them and you will come forth victoriously, because God says He's giving you the strength and the stability that you need to fight this warfare that He is sending you into.

And He said, think it not a strange thing when the battle begins. Just understand that tonight, God told you this battle was here.

And God is also saying there's going to be a big upheaval in the White House. A lot of people are saying that the White House is going to be totally destroyed. It's not the White House. It's the people in the White House that God is going to destroy. There'll be much destruction there. And you leaders that He's pulled up even here tonight, He's going to give you great understanding of what's really going on so that you can tell the other people the truth of what's happening.

Because He's telling me to tell you the Body of Christ has been let into much deception about all things, but He's going to start revealing the truth to you leaders in here tonight that He's pulled forth.

And God is saying, Lo and behold, I am with each and every one of you here tonight. I will continue to work with you until the day that your heart stops beating. I will continue to try to change your thought life. I will try to change the way you come into My throne room. For some of you come in wrong, but I'm going to teach you the right way to come into My throne room. Many books are going to be written in the months ahead on My throne room and how to enter My grace and My mercy. But tonight, I say unto each one of you here, I have flung the gates wide open, and you can come to the Mercy Seat anytime you so desire. And I'm also hearing God say there's an earthquake coming across the land that's going to change the formation of the land. But before the earthquake comes, He's going to be giving some of you a vision of it. He's going to be giving you a vision of exactly where it's going to occur and what the destruction is going to be. And he wants you to write it down and share it with the body.