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Jul 25, 2022



Pastor Barbara shares prophetically what she hears from the Lord on Sunday July 24, 2022 Pm.

…Body of Christ that there's a floodtide of sin that's coming across the land and the nature of many in the House of God is going to change for evil and not for good.

Many mantles are going to be taken away from some because they would not relent and go to the Mercy Seat and be freed from their sins. 

God's warning you before it happens so you can keep yourself right before the Father of Grace and not lose your mantle and God's even saying, some of you think, oh well, who cares, I'll just stay in my sin nature.

You will care. You will care children, you really will.  Because what the enemy has in store for you, you really don't want to walk into. 

I am offering you peace and grace and love and happiness and he's(satan) offering you every dark thing he has in his kingdom.

Some of you are just role playing your walk with God.  You're really not really walking with God. You're just role playing to please those around about you and God says you don't have to worry about pleasing them, you have to worry about pleasing God.  And He is not in any wise pleased with role playing. 

And there's some of you in here...  I'm just telling you what God says… Some of you in here, you are in deep sin. You know, those sins are saying, in the Bible, that they will take you straight to the pit and still you stay in those sins, you're headed for the pit. And when you get there, you're going to wish you would have gotten out of your sin, but it will be too late.

And God said, I'm not playing games with My body, I have a work to do and I have to stay on schedule. And so, I'm giving you a wakeup call tonight, either you are for Me or you are against Me.