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Nov 10, 2019

Prophetic Authority of a Prophetic Life by Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch, Do you have history with God? If not you need to listen to this podcast. God is speaking to His people and God is speaking through His prophets.  There is a call for prophets all throughout the land.  There are real prophets and there are false prophets.   You are out there to be used as a prophetic person. Just give them His wod. Are you really a prophet?  Then God will use your life to speak to the people. If you are a prophet God will use you as a message to the Church.  Prophets are called to give up their lives and live hard things before the people. Are you a prophet?  What have you given up?  What have you sacrificed?  The sacrifice isn't about you. It's about being a message to the people for God. God doesn't want anyone to go to Hell and this is why He uses His prophets to demonstrate His ways.  This message will shift your thinking on the prophetic.