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Jan 1, 2019

Prophecies from November to December 2018 God spoke a lot through Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch during the services at the Lighthouse Inc., Church.  God is encouraging His people with His love.  If you need encouragement this is for you.  God spoke about how He is going to bringing His Children into His time zone.  God wants His children to step into His realm and receive divine instructions.  He promises to restore all things in our lives.  God is overshadowing His body and stripping us of the old and brining us into the new.  Do not be dismayed at what God is stripping in your lives.  God speaks to His daughters corporately about how He is placing new path before their feet.  He is asking His daughters to walk out of the old mindsets.  God speaks to His sons corporately about how He wants His sons to hold their heads high, stay away from pride, and He will bring His sons forth.  He speaks to His sons and asks them to repent and then rejoice in Him.  He placed a banner of love over the men.