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Jun 1, 2019

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch shares a word that God gave her about longsuffering.  The Body of Christ needs to learn how to suffer long with Christ.  So many in the Body of Christ do not live a consecrated lifestyle to Christ.  You are gonna need to be Jesus to the people that God sends your way.   Consecration to God is something that world sees so little of in the Body of Christ.  Do you thirst for God as the deer pants for water?  Knowing His word will enable you to live a consecrated life.   Spiritual violence is the expression of our willingness to pay any price of self-denial in seeking and obeying God.  Revival in you is about a personal dedication to Jesus and no other, a commitment that is lived out by grace and the power of God.  Revival is about each individual changing for God.  Jesus led a consecrated life and His disciples didn’t understand how He lived until after His death, burial and resurrection.   We must do the same.   God is not asking you to do something that His Son did not do.  There is no greater joy than living a consecrated life.  Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch is extending Gods’ challenge to you.