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Nov 25, 2019


Investigation, If you are gonna be used by God, you need to be plan on being investigated by God. This investigation that is going on by God is to prove to the enemy that you have nothing in you that the enemy can draw on and bring condemnation to you. Investigation should bring joy to your life because it is meant to bring freedom to you. The freedom comes from being so clean that the enemy cannot find anything in you to use against you.   This is the enemy’s last-ditch effort to stop the “Great Harvest of Souls”

We cannot walk in any unforgiveness. You must investigate yourself to see if you have any unforgiveness in you. It’s important to judge yourself. God is giving you grace to change. God wants us to judge properly. If we are judging and have dirt in ourselves then we are not judging properly and are a hypocrite.

Blaming other is not what should be done when you are being investigated by God. You should take responsibility and allow God to change you.   According to Galatians 6: 4 we are test our own work and bear our own load. You can say that it’s someone else’s fault.

We should accept investigation because of the fruit it produces. God is letting you see what you are really made of. This is the way God works. The Bible gives clear instruction on discipline in the Church and investigation is a part of this. We have to follow the Bible and allow for God to investigate us.

When God investigates us, he investigates our heart and judges it righteously. God searches the heart and test the minds. The investigation of God’s people has come and it will remove every speck of darkness that has been deep rooted in the heart from His people so that they can be purged to serve Him. Will you allow God to go deep into your heart?