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Mar 21, 2021


Sermon -

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is {humility.}  This is one trait My church does not flow in. My church must learn to flow in humility, or they will never be able to do the works that My son Jesus and His disciples accomplished. There is power in humility.  Humility is the first virtue because it removes the obstacles to faith.   What is the meaning of humility?  In the bible humility is a critical and continuous emphasis of godliness. {why?} Because we are called upon to be humble followers of Christ and trust in the wisdom and salvation of God.  The greatest in the kingdom is Jesus, and if you want to display greatness in His kingdom, then there is only one way possible. You must reflect His greatness. You must be like Him.  Come unto Me this day and humble yourselves before Me; so I can anoint you to destroy the yokes of the wicked one and bring in the harvest.