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Apr 4, 2021


Sermon - Because I pulled you out of the dregs of this world, you will now go forth and pull the lost out of the very pits of Hell.  This world is in a tailspin into the abyss and you are being sent on a mission to pull the lost forth at any cost and show them the kingdom of love {first}.   The kingdom of {love} is what will get their attention and then from there you will show them of My ways. Just as My son Jesus rose with resurrection power; you will take resurrection power to a lost and dying world. A world without form or void. A world sucked into the abyss of darkness with no way out.  You will go into the streets and minister to the addicts and you will see them instantly delivered and healed of all manner of sickness and disease. Just as My son Jesus had the anointing to cleanse the leper, you will walk in that super abundant overflow of anointing that will destroy the works of darkness on all sides.